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DIB Section creation blanks the hDC ?

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i am trying to save the hdc to a bitmap file, and i''m trying to: create a dib section with the dc, combining it with the dc, and then get the pixels from that dc with getdibits, and then save the bmp header stuff to the file, followed by the pixels. Code:
    Dim bmpH As BITMAPINFO_NoC
    With bmpH.bmiHeader
        .biBitCount = 32
        .biPlanes = 1
        .biSize = Len(bmpH.bmiHeader)
        .biWidth = W
        .biHeight = H
        .biSizeImage = (W * 4) * H
    End With

    Dim tBM As Long
    tBM = CreateDIBSection(hDc, bmpH, DIB_RGB_COLORS, ByVal 0&, ByVal 0&, ByVal 0&)
    Call SelectObject(hDc, tBM)

    Dim Pixel() As Byte
    ReDim Pixel(1 To 4, 1 To W, 1 To H)
    GetDIBits hDc, tBM, 0, H, Pixel(1, 1, 1), bmpH, DIB_RGB_COLORS

    BMPHeader.bfType = &H4D42
    BMPHeader.bfOffBits = Len(BMPHeader) + Len(bmpH.bmiHeader)
    BMPHeader.bfSize = BMPHeader.bfOffBits + bmpH.bmiHeader.biSizeImage

    Open File For Binary As #1
    Put #1, , BMPHeader
    Put #1, , bmpH
    Put #1, , Pixel
    Close #1
i know it may be hard to notice anything by just looking at this code, but, if you have done something like this in the past, is there something i should know? thanx

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