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Coordinate generator using 4 verticies?

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I''ve noticed in 3D exploration it can only generate code using triangles, and I do not see any option in the program to make it generate code using 4 verticies, like using GL_QUADS or GL_POLYGON with a specified # of verticies. I don''t know if its just me (it probably is), but I find texture mapping from 3D exploration generated code is very hard, probably because its in triangles. This wouldn''t bother me that much, because if I had a program to generate an object''s verticies among other things, I could just fill in the texture coordinates myself...does anyone know of a program that will do this? I''m not sure if this is my problem, I know some people have said they have no problem with using 3D exploration with textures, but I just can''t seem to get it to work. =( Thanks!

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