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Can anyone help? I have brought two games which require directX 6 installing. This is supplied on the disk but when trying to install this I get "directX setup error 14" and the game although installed will not run.

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I have already had problems of this kind
I had games which installed successfully when DX6 was installed
on my computer, and they didn''t want to install again as I had
installed DX7.

I think the problem come from a buggy installation program which
checks the DirectXSetup() function completion just by the SUCCEEDED() macro, but in case you have a newer version of DX installed, the function returns this :

#define DSETUPERR_NEWERVERSION -14 (the "famous" error 14 ;o)

And then the installation stops because the game installation program thinks the DX installation has failed (and that there is no DX at all on the system) !

I don''t think there is a simple way to fix this problem (since it''s very hard to uninstall DX7 in order to rollback to DX6).

I think the only solution could be to download a patch (if available) from the web sites of your games.

Sorry for these bad news


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