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DefyEngine 0.1.0 beta

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Wooooooohooooo, I've finally finished another major version. The last version with a working 3d engine and test program was back in October... And I'm surprised too, I have the Diablo II stress test =) My DefyEngine is a 3D engine that renders 2D worlds with lighting and shadows. It's kinda hard to describe, but it's not Diablo II if you think that. Anyway, the new engine feels a lot faster than the old one. I've totally rewrote major portions of it, including the model stuff and lighting. Now you can model your own stuff in my crappy modeller and import it. The lighting is using a new algorithm I found somewhere, it doesn't have the "me light go thru wall muahahahaha" bug anymore. The engine runs about 20 to 40 fps on my brother's Pentium 200 with a TNT. On mine it runs 60 to 70 fps, I have P2 400, TNT2, Win2k. It has ran 80 fps on some other computer... It still isn't fast enough though cuz it barely draws anything. Anyway, check it out and post your thoughts here. Be sure to read the readme.txt file, there's an important section with keystrokes for the test program "defytest.exe". DefyEngine home page Click on install to download. Oh and most of the code is GPL'd or LGPL'd, so have fun! Thanks =) Edited by - mutex on 6/15/00 11:38:30 PM

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