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Tile Drawing Tips Needed!

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Hey! I''m in the proccess of writing a iso-metric tile based RPG game. (yeah, i know, me and a million other people). Anyways i''m just getting started to draw the art. Does anyone have a quick and painless way of drawing Tiles? Here''s some quick info on my specific game: - Iso Metric Style. - Downtown City Setting - I need to draw buildings / scenery at the same pov angle (point of view) (obviously) Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks gxd ------- "If at first you dont succeed, skydiving is NOT for you!"

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if you have a 3d software package, you can switch to orthogonal mode and have a universal camera at 45 degrees. be sure not to delete this camera, or else everything you create in the scene would not match with the same camera viewpoint.

if you''re using a 2d paint program, just be sure to draw all lines either vertical, or at a 45 degree angle. all buildings would have a general box shape, so you can just draw variable sized boxes and attach them together to get more complex structures (i.e. simcity)


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The above post is pretty damned good advice! Well, it''s solid. One thing I would add however, is about the tiling itself.

When designing, for example, a dirt ground texture, design a base texture (base texture is dirt in this case with no distinctive features). From the base texture you can add objects/layers (depending on whether you''re using a 3D or 2D program) to allow that texture scheme plenty of variety without the workload problems...

One last thing, there are obvious advantages to building scenery and objects in 3D then converting them to 2D cells so if you can get hold of a half decent modelling package...

Dunno if this helps...


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Guest Anonymous Poster
I''ve got another Tip for you:
if you draw tiles you must make them all the same width: (Dahhh)
but not the same height:

Ordinary Tile: Higher Tile:
/\ / \
/ \ / /
\ / / /
\/ \ /

In this way you can make tiles were the characters can walk
behind. If you don''t get this feel free to ask me more about it
at the Black Hole-msgboard

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