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Isometric Height Tiling

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Maybe this belongs in the isometric forum, but I need some opengl advice for doing so. I have a basic isometric map loader, and renderer, only I need to know something. I see games like starcraft, and there are two levels of ground. One is based on the ground where there is dirt and grass, the other is a raised wall. I saw the isometric programming tutorials on the site, but they seem to take a 3d approach to it. I was wondering if I could achieve the effect of the raised walls, by using texturing only, that looks like 3d, but is really 2d. Then, if I wanted it impassable, just set a bool variable to false, and check for collision on the false state of that variable. Particularly, I am wanting to know how they did it in Starcraft, because it appears to be done by ''smart'' texturing. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Ofcourse it is, since it''s isometric you''re only viewing it from one point.

If a player is walking behind something that has height, simply alpha blit.

In essence you should use several layers, a ground and a ''wall'' layer for instance(That way if a user walks behind an object you can also see the floor he''s walking on)

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