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Rob Lemmens

Offtopic: SQL Question

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although i know its a bit offtopic but since there are so much smart people on this site i give it a shot: i have a simple query: ''select distinct "vi-debnr","ac-naam","ac-vnaam" from PUB."a-deb" where "vi-debnr" in (select distinct "vi-debnr" from PUB."a-vrddeb" where "vi-vlg" in (Select "vi-vlg" from pub."a-vord" where ("ac-refcor" = :KENMERK))) al it does is search for a debtor who has a Claim against him with a given description = -KENMERK-, the query returns the same record twice!! How can that be, the DISTINCT keyword should filter out double entry''s. Any idees anyone?? greetings

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