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Question about Display Lists and Textures

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I confess I didn''t really pour over NeHe''s tutorial about Display Lists, but I wasn''t exactly too sure about this point. I''m trying to work with a few friends on an RPG game with an isometric perspective, and we decided to use OpenGL quads joined together to make up the ground. Each quad would be textured depending upon their value and where they are in a matrix or something, but I was wondering if I could make a generic quad with a Display List, but texture it differently each time I load it? That way, I wouldn''t have to rewrite the quads each time or throw it into a loop, but just call a large square and texture it depending upon where it is in the world (i.e. mountains/water/grass).

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Display lists are mostly designed to optimize frequently used complex models. IMHO, a tile (quad) isn''t a complex model and it would be a waste of time to use display lists for it.

BTW, you can set your new texture, THEN call the display list to use it (never tried, though, textures are slow on my card)


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