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Which rendering approach to take

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Heya, I''m in the learning phase right now (actually for quite awhile) and want to try something out. What I really need is a quick suggestion on what to pursue for this type of game. Basically, I want to create a space simulation along the lines of Freelancer or Freespace. Note: I only mean how the game is rendered not the actual gameplay itself. But, I want the ability to jump out of the seat and run around the ship ala FPS style. This entails having Windows on the ship that displays the "goings on" of the outside world. So, what should I be looking at. I''m assuming BSP for the inside correct? What about portals? Just a quick little blurb is great. I can research the actual implementation of said blurb on my own. Thanks, Mark

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I''d suggest using portals. Regular space shooters themselves usually rely on frustum, culling with octrees for visibility checking. Portal engines use a frustum approach as well (if portal is visible, render a custom frustum from viewer through portal and do vis-checking for the scene behind it). Since they both use frustums I think they can be comined pretty neatly.

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