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proper windows system...

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Heya This may sound some what like a newbie question but I would like to know the "proper method" I should use. Ive been trying for the past few days to make a really good windows system for my game. I dont have access to any other OS''s so please dont say anything about making a platform independent system. Anyway, I want to have a system a bit more advanced then basic OpenGL windows code, well, like in commercial games. I need to have it so I can change the res/color depth, toggle fullscreen changes, load/save the settings, etc. Also, I would like to know how a real game loop works (ie. handle game state changes such as the splash screens, menus, load screens, sub menus, game play, etc). call me a NewBie if you want, but I want to do things the RIGHT way!!! Thanx...

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