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Operator Overloading and templates - ok, but not together.

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I'm just learning these two subjects, and I think I understand them separately, but when I put them together I have problems. So let's say I have a template and I want to overload an operator like so:

template <class cType> class dArray
	cType arrayVariable[1024];
	dArray operator[](int numToReturn);

// then outside of the class:

template <class cType> cType dArray<cType>::operator[](int numToReturn)
	return arrayVariable[numToReturn];

It's throwing an error when I write this. Could someone help me out. I haven't found any tutorials that do this. Only tutorials that do one or the other, and I've had to try to put it together on my own, unsuccessfully. --Vic-- The future of 2D game development: Flat Red Ball

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