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Goku SSJ

On the lookout for HL-CODERS

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OK ppl, im new to these forums (a friend told me about this) but im sure someone could gimme (or my mod) a helping hand To tell something about the mod: Hell of DBZ is like the name sais a Dragonball Z Modification (for Half Life). I know that there are many other mods out there but we existed for a long time, when our lead coder left us we are stuck now in internal alpha stage because our 2nd coder is still at learning stage and cant pull all of the ground himself. If anyone would be interested to join us or give me a contact who wants to, i really appreciate it. To see something about our web-presence go to : www.hellofdbz.de i have to say the page hasnt been updated for long and all the models are old ones but if you pm me ill show you the now recent ones. What else to say? ehm yes: we are a german mod but everyone in our team speaks acceptable english and a nice atmosphere is guaranteed. we got fresh ideas and high goals as default so decide for yourself if you want to join DBH aka Hell of DBZ and POST HERE all for now -Goku SSJ- DBH-Modler Boss Still looking for some hl-coders to join hell of dbz, so please pm or mail me ! :-P EDIT: Forgot mail and icq# LOL: icq: 157418944 e-mail: GokuSSJ@gmx.net

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As you're new to the forums, you might not have noticed the Help Wanted forum. Just scroll down the main forum page a little. You'll have more success if you post in there, as that's where people who are looking for projects to join generally go. Anyway, welcome to the forums...

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