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3d or 2d game engines

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I''ve search the internet for info about 3d game and 2d game engines, either im searching in the wrong places or i don''t know what to look for. My question is, what is involed in make a 3d or 2d game engines(nothing fancy just a start. i see a lot of talk about engines, but not sure what goes into making one. Do the engines just control character movement,what sprites to load where and when, or what? I see free 3d engines on the net but have not a clue what they do.

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2d engines manipulate 2d tilesets of which the world is made of. There are various 2D tilesets like hexagonal, isometric, square, etc. and can contain number of layers which can be animated or blended together. 3d engines manipulate polygons and other 3d data reps from which the game world is made of. 3d is harder than 2d because of the extra plane which = complex algos. The engines run the world created with an editor tool. You can also have integrated engine+editor in one. One should have a game idea first before pursuing an engine/tools. Both 2D and 3D are just different ways to express your game. Some type of games excel in 2D others do better in 3D. If you decide to do a 2D game you''ll have more time on the actual game design and spend less time on engine/tools which is the exact opposite of a 3D app.

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please include also the possibility of using the DimensioneX engine which I developed.

- It gives a 3-D view to the game environment, but the scene is not rendered (as in most 3D engines). It is instead obtained by using stacked GIF or JPG images which you can even gather arounf the net. Players will use just their browser.

- The game engine is true multiplayer. As soon as you develop your game prototype you can try it out online with friends.

- It runs on every PC. After your game is finished you publish the game on a more powerful webserver and publicize it. That''s all.

- It is very simple to use. Just download the demo game, follow the game-making tutorial, experiment your own using the available documentation. Scripting is done via a Basic-like language.

See a demo game built with it at:

You can download this freeware game engine at:

Good luck,

The Freeware Multiplayer Game Engine

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