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Window creation crash

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Original post by platonman1
A cut n pasted Nehe code into my DLL, and nothing works...

This sentence sounds funnier once you''ll understand what you just said

Have you ever created a dll before? Foremost, why on earth would you want to call the window class from a dll. I understand calling some image format loader from a dll as a plugin, but the window class should most definitely be a part of your main application.

Dll''s are built differently than standard executables and function addresses need to be obtained from them using GetProcAddress(). If you''re not familiar with this function, you''ll be better off reading some tutorials on dll''s (GameDev should have at least one). Neither can you export class objects from a dll.

If you''re familiar with the concept of creating a dll, posing a well defined problem will usually make it easier for people help you.

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