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std::vector's out_of_range exception

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According to Stroustrup''s "The C++ Programming Language", the function std::vector::at() (used for accessing an item of the vector with checking the range of the subscript) should throw an out_of_range exception if the argument is outside the vector''s range (chapter 16.3.3). However, the following code, which is basically what Stroustrup does in his book, too, doesn''t work for me:
  newMod =;
  // ...

where runningMods is a std::vector. I get the error:
parse error before `)'' token 
which basically means that the compiler knows no such thing as "out_of_range". Of course, I have included to be able to use it at all. I have also tried std::out_of_range, without success. Why is this?
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