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The Official Blender GameKit: Interactive 3D for Artists?

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Does anybody have the following book? The Official Blender GameKit: Interactive 3D for Artists Just wondering if it was good to use for making 3D content for games. Also can you implement the content into your own games or do you need to make your games in blender? I thought I would use Blender with LaMothe''s new book. (I''m sure I don''t need to type it out.) Do you see any problems with that? Thanks, DM

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yeah you can make the 3d models with blender and then use them within your game.

I am sure theres some blender model loading code floating around or you could just convert to 3ds or something.

never read the book so don''t know if I answered the question

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I have searched high and low for blend loading code but could find nothing. I have a blend->.x script but I don''t know how well it works. Do you have any information about getting blend files translated to .x, or loading them directly?

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from the read me from the directXexporter

DIRECTX EXPORTER for Blender 2.25

"-This Suite exports meshes in an outer file with .x extension(DirectX file format).It comes with a blend file named directX.Blend ,which contains the interface of the exporter (EXPORTER) some GUI modules and two Exporting modules:

1)TextureX--it exports meshes,materials and UV textures (testTexture.x)

-2)AnimTex --it exports textured object animation (testAnimTex.x)

-Open directX.blend and run the Text window EXPORTER (pressing Alt+P).Press one of the two buttons on "Exporting Modules" window.In Blender directory now you will find a new file named testTexture.x or testAnimTex.x depending on which module you have used.
-Remember to put the mesh normals in the right way before exporting.\001",
-DirectX file accept only objects,no camera,no world,no lights, so delete them before exporting.
-Put animation length before exporting with AnimTex.
-Dont smooth the meshes

heres a link

if you have a phython script convertor look up how to run scripts from blender.

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