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Looking for Gamplay suggestions

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Hello, I''m currently working on a 2d turn based strategy game, with in a medival setting. But I''m unsure as to the best way to handle certain aspects of the combat system. Here''s combat in a nutshell there are 15 combat units 2 cavalry, 5 ranged, and 5 infantry and 3 seige. Units have seven stats Movement, Loyalty, Wounds,Armor, Threat, Strategy and Cost. The only ones that apply during combat are wounds, Armor, Threat, and Strategy. Now first off combat is army to army, there are no unit to unit battles. How it works is you compare your army''s Threat rating to your Opponets. That tells the computer which damage table to use, the side with the higher strategy rating has the table increaed or decreased one level in their favor. The computer then assignes a number of damage points to each side, units lose armor points first then wounds when all their wounds are gone they are removed as a casulity. There is also feature called specal orders which certain units can attempt to excute at the start of a combat round. Currently I''m also planning to have combat fixed to a maxium of 4 rounds. So now to the questions: 1) Should damage points be allocated by the player or the computer? In other words the player would desided which units would be lost or in the case of the latter the computer. 2) Should units attempting special orders that round still have their threat ratings counted to the armies total? 3)Should you be able use special orders only at the start of combat or during anyround? also I could use some ideas for special orders ideally historically acurate one, the ones i currently have are: -Flank -Crushing Charge -Distract -Barrage -Terrorize

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if you wanna keep it realistic then do not allocate damage let the computer. in battle the general doesn''t say, oh attack this guy and this guy. also you do''nt want to have to keep clicking and clicking t get the damage done.

maybe you should have it so that ppl focus more on groups such as archers try to take archers and footman mainly attack footman but try t oget through to archer sommin like that.


as you can see i ramble, but at least i have my own opinion
have a nice day

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