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Window or form generator in VB

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hi..... Can anyone tell how or where can i find some information based on creating some script, method or etc etc ..... that allow user to customize a particular window or form in the program itself like Visual Basic , llike drag an interface and put it anywhere he/she like inside the following form or window...... by using Visual basic Thanks :-)

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if you open a frm file ith textpad wordpad is better.

this will show you what is inside a form and you will see how easy they are to make.

this intested me so I looked and found what you were after with sample source code.

hats of to the guy who wrote!..


what you want is
Form Designer Demo [VB5]

don''t worry it works in vb6

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did you look at the source?

everything you would need is in there combine that with what is in a form then you will able to do what you need.

things to add to that code: add a new control, a form for the properties for each control when selected. delete control.

is there is something you don''t understand it you be better of posting that.

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Thanks for the reply.....

I know java script can generate new window, i would rather say is a pop up window, which i'm not looking at....... but may i ask can the code from www.softcircuits.com/sw_vbsrc.htm
use to generate or create new child window child..... inside a program ..........

how can add function like vb toolbox into my generator...............

I need more explaination on the source code.........

BTW, i'm using vb .net....... :-(



[edited by - johnc82 on July 6, 2003 2:30:21 PM]

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do a google mate when I was looking for that I came across a few for vb.net sorry can't help you with it have not updated to vb.net.

it can be done.

have 2 forms 1 with the tools and one blank one.

the blank form is a mdi child.

the tools don't really have to be another form they could just go on a cool bar.

add a new blank form from the mdi parent and then add controls to the blank form.

in the button that adds the form control just program it to add that new control to the form.

hope it helped


[edited by - themonkster on July 6, 2003 4:41:53 PM]

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