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Ideas for human-race units...

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I''m designing an RTS called BeanWars. Please, don''t steal this idea, it''s really cool. My basic premise is that you are the leader of the Bean Dogs (for more info, see the Bean Dog historical home page). You are happily ruling over your subjects when this strange alien race invades. They are a ruthless, overpowering race, driven by greed and lust, and are slowly taking over your planet with their giant machines. They call themselves Humans. I have no problem with making good-looking art for the Bean Dog units (wide variety, too) but what I need is some concepts or even art if you want to make it for me (if I like it, I''ll import it right into my game). Here''s what you need to have: x, y size in pixels (smallest creatures are 16x16) damage (small units do 5, big units do up to 80) attackspeed 1-40 movespeed 1-40 armor 1-9 (blocks 5-45% of damage) sight radius (small units have about 5) range (1=melee, Bean Marines have about 10) and anything else you feel like telling me. If you''re feeling really nice, you can follow this bitmap format: size: width = creature''s width * 16, height is * 8 so for a 24x24 creature, it would be 384x192 so it is a 16x8 grid of different frames of the creature. different rows denote directions. Top row is all facing upward, next row is 45% clockwise, next row is facing right, etc. all the way around Going accross is frames of animation. First 8 are for walking, next 8 are for attacking or special abilities. here''s an example (hope I get the URL right...) Feel free to post responses here or just E-Mail me at benbeandogdilts@cs.com. Thanks guys and gals, ~BenDilts(NULL* Art);

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