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Keypress causes fatal "Priviledged Function" error?

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Okay, my code was working fine up until about 5 minutes ago when i accidently hit the ` key (above tab and before 1 on UK keyboards) and lo and behold a debug message box (i compiled in debug mode, although i wasnt actually debugging) comes up saying something about 0xcsomething being a priviledged instruction. Nope, i''ve never had that one come up either. After several full recompiles the error didnt go away so I tried it in release mode and it was gone. I went back to debug and it reappeared. Exiting and reentering visual c++ 6 didn''t get rid of it. Then, i delete all my project files, start a new project (empty win32 app) and import them back in. It worked. i can happily press the ` key without some dumb messagebox comming up and crashing my app. The only thing is, I was wondering if anyone knows why the hell it came up in the first place, and more to the point, what is a priviledged instruction?

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