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HELP with Direct Show and Windows XP

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elsoniel    122
Hello everyone. I just need help regarding a bug with my Direct Show code and windows XP. I play videos and music using direct show. Usually encoded using Mpeg4 or DivX for videos and Ogg Vorbis for music. Problem is, under Windows XP, whenever I alt-tab my program (with music) or when a particular video has no sound, a buzzing sound is played instead. That does not happen on windows 2000. Anyone has any ideas? Thanks in advance. My other problem is the music slowing down or skipping at heavy parts of the game - such as during loading or when a lot of textures are being streamed in (which i do on a separate thread). Any help would be appreciated.

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adiash    187
I don''t have enough details to solve your problem,
but I may give you a lead you can check.
The difference between XP and all other DirectShow supported windows OS is that the default renderer is different.
The default for XP is the VMR-7, whereas for all other operating systems the default was "microsoft video renderer".
BTW: if you check it out on GraphEdit, you will see two filters with the same name "video renderer". One of them is VMR-7, and the other is the ex-default renderer.
Try hooking up manually the non-VMR renderer and see if that helps.

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