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Vc++ to bga

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i want to start programming for the game boy advance but i find the way to compile it pritty annoyin when i have vc++, is there a way i can have vc++ compile to .gba. Also im not sure exactly what all goes on when i compile to gba set path=C:\devkitadv\bin;%path% gcc -o hello.elf hello.c -lm objcopy -O binary hello.elf hello.gba pause it looks like it compiles to an elf file then simply renames it, if there is no way to compile from vc++ to gba, maybe i could compile to a .elf and just rename it myself Any suggestions, thanks.

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VC++ doesn''t cross compile (well, okay, it does for the X-Box, but that''s also an IA32 architecture). I believe there''s a version of CodeWarrior that''ll work for the GBA, but I doubt they''ll sell it to you without seeing a Nintendo development contract.

However, just because you can''t use VC++''s compiler, doesn''t mean you can''t use its IDE or build system. Make a "Makefile" project, and you''ll be able to use arbitrary build commands. Expect to spend a lot of time reading the help files before you get it working.

How appropriate. You fight like a cow.

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yea, its always better to do it yourself

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Open App.Path & "\temp.c" For Output As #1
Print #1, rtb.Text & vbNewLine
Close #1
Open App.Path & "\make.bat" For Output As #1
Print #1, "set path=C:\devkitadv\bin;%path%"
Print #1, "gcc -o temp.elf temp.c -lm"
Print #1, "objcopy -O binary temp.elf temp.gba"
Close #1

Shell App.Path & "\make.bat"

DoEvents: DoEvents: DoEvents: DoEvents

On Error GoTo a
Open App.Path & "\temp.gba" For Input As #1
Close #1

ShellExecute Me.hWnd, "open", App.Path & "\temp.gba", vbNullString, vbNullString, 0

Exit Sub
MsgBox "Error Creating File!", vbCritical + vbOKOnly, "Oops!"
End Sub

i have a rich text box with my code in it and i want to make it change the colors of the keywords liek vc++ does, i think im a complete idiot but heres how im doing it, i have an off screen rich textbox so the user dosn't see it scrolling through everything selecting words and what ever, a listbox named l that contains all my keywords int long what ever, listbox named c containing all the colors, the item data for L is an index to c for the color to show


Private Sub rtb_Change()
Dim i As Integer
Dim x As Integer
Dim s As Integer
Dim e As Integer
Dim y As Integer
Dim z As Integer
Dim index As Integer

y = rtb.SelStart
z = rtb.SelLength

s = y - 8
If s < 1 Then s = 1
e = y + 8
If e > Len(rtb.Text) Then e = Len(rtb.Text)

rh.Text = rtb.Text

index = s
Do While 1
If index >= e Then Exit Do
For x = 0 To l.ListCount - 1
If Mid(rtb.Text, index, Len(l.List(x))) = l.List(x) Then
rh.SelStart = index
rh.SelLength = Len(l.List(x))
rh.SelColor = c.List(l.ItemData(x))
index = index + Len(l.List(x))
GoTo a
End If
Next x
rh.SelStart = index + 1
rh.SelLength = 1
rh.SelColor = vbBlack
index = index + 1

rtb.TextRTF = rh.TextRTF

rtb.SelStart = y
rtb.SelLength = z
End Sub

and since this dosn't work, i guess its not best to do it yourself, any suggestions?, and sorry about the spelling

edit: haha i know that last function is pritty hack but i was just throwin stuff together

edit2: source box got messed up on edit 1

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[edited by - honayboyz on July 7, 2003 12:47:10 PM]

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