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... Screens & Info to my RTS "SunAge-blasted into oblivion" ...

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Hi guys ! Just a little "teaser"-pic: To see more please go to www.vertex4.com... Note: I''m working on that now for 3.5 years (it was definitly the 1st of Jan in 1997, where I said to myself: let''s do it now...) and the whole programming & gfx are made by me... (Visual C/C++ / inline assembler), for the gfx I use 3DS Max 2.5 (but I began with 3ds4 (what a hazzle))... I''m now in search for a publisher and I really hope to get one, cawz'' this game has really nice features, runs very smoothly (up to 140 fps on a Intel Celeron 300), and last but not least all my love went in there... The background music & sfx are from a mp3-artist angina p. (ok, its my sister, so it''s some sort of family business we''re starting... ) have also a look there => www.mp3.com/anginap There are still lots of things to do (especially in the gfx-section: here''s a little table, how we see completion status: - programming 90-95% - gfx 45-50% - backgroundtunes 70% - sfx 35% - leveldesign 5% - storydesign 35% So, what do you think ? Which publisher / distributor should I contact first ? Is there anybody, who has good addresses ? Appreciating any kind of answer... Thanx, Roman

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