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tutorial 10....walk bias please help

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Hello all. the walkbias works if y=0....but say if I jumped up a level and now y=10....the walkbias still acts as if y=0. how do I get the walkbias to work no matter what my base Y equals. here''s the code: if (walkbiasangle >= 359.0f) { walkbiasangle = 0.0f; } else { walkbiasangle+= 10; } walkbias = (float)sin(walkbiasangle * piover180)/20.0f; ypos = -walkbias-0.15; UpdatePosition(-xpos,-ypos,-zpos);

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Easy, Create a new variable that will hold your final ypos. like:

float biasedYpos;

then, change the last line to:

biasedYpos= ypos - walkbias-0.15f;

and make sure you translate the camera using the biasedYpos and not the regular ypos.

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