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glut.h error

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Peace    122
Hi i have an error when i try to compile an C++ console app with code warrior 7: /-----------/ Error : ambiguous access to overloaded function ''std::ext(int)'' ''exit(int)'' glut.h line...... /-----------/ I only get this when i am compiling with a .cpp code file, but not a .c file. I just don''t know why. It has something to do with the windows.h and glut.h files i think. I want to be able to use c++ classes so i want to get glut working with a .cpp. Does anyone know what the problem is? Thanks

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CaptainJester    523
There is only a 1 in a billion chance that there is anything wrong with windows.h or glut.h.

It is usually a portion of your code that is causing a problem, but the error message is ambiguous. You would have to post your code for something more specific.

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