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Compile error with dinput

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Okay, I know this is kinda stupid but I get a "missing ; before *" error when I run this code. I´m linking dinput8.lib and the header dinput.h (as you can see below). I´m really tired so plz don´t hit me for asking what I´ve missed.
//This class sets up a camera and uses DirectInput 

//to rotate, and move the camera


#define DXERRORCHK(function,type) if(FAILED(function)){MessageBox(NULL,type,"Error",MB_OK); return false;}

class CCamera
	bool Initialize(HINSTANCE hInstance);

	IDirectInput8 *p_iDInput8; //Create a pointer to an instance of a dinput object

	IDirectInputDevice8 *p_iDInputDevice8;

bool CCamera::Initialize(HINSTANCE hInstance)
	//Create the dinput object

	DirectInput8Create(hInstance, DIRECTINPUT_VERSION, IID_DirectInput8,
	//Create our keyboard device

		"Failed to create keyboard device");
	//Set data format

		"Failed to set keyboard format");


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Are you putting #define INITGUID somewhere before your headers? Or alternatively linking to dxguid.lib (not both).

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