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A game I am seriously considering the idea of considering

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Okay, as if the title wasn''t eclectic enough. A long ass time ago, I posted a story in Game Writing. Now, each day I''ve been considering it a little more, and just today I found the original story for it. Story I thought this up after combining 600 TV shows, movies and games into one thing. I might make a little game out of it with this old game engine i made. Ever since the time man developed a soul, forces of good and evil have battled for control of the world. Eventually, evil learned that they were able to take the body of an avatar, of which they were able to channel the entire forces of evil to control. Many people would hear of the avatars actions, but only very few would know that it was the actions of the forces of evil, and not the actions of the person possessed by evil. Every time an avatar was chosen, a person would be marked. This mark would cause them to be the avatars predecessor. Eventually, a group of people, calling themselves the Mahlrez found a way to suppress the evil in the avatar. Unfortunately, the ritual to do this would involve long-term connection with the avatar. This was never able to be fully accomplished until 2012, the beginning of the "Age of Darkness." It was then the Mahlrez came up with a plan to stop both the avatars current actions, and suppress the evil from ever being able to take control of another avatar again. They planned to take the currently marked one, and restrain him until they had to perform the ritual to suppress the evil in him when he became the avatar. In order to do this, they would have to assassinate the current avatar. As soon as this was accomplished, they would have to perform the ritual on the marked one, as he would become the new avatar. The ritual was thought to be performed successfully, but there was a problem. The evil spread more quickly into the new avatar than suspected, and when the evil was being suppressed, it was forced to partly manifest itself physically. Fortunately, the evil could not completely manifest itself spiritually, and who was supposed to be the new avatar was able to continue without being overpowered by evil, even though his will was significantly crushed. The battle for the world however, was not over yet. With no specified avatar or marked one, evil was able to possess whoever was weak-willed enough, except for who was to be the avatar, who was now referred to as the "Changed Avatar", due to the lingering darkness in his soul. The Changed Avatar soon learned that if he let his will power slip too much, the evil in his system would manifest itself more and take over control of his body. In this state he was able to see how the darkness saw everything. It saw everything the human soul a very toxin to its existence. They wanted to use the very human race they were possessing to destroy each other. After his first experience, most of the Changed Avatar''s soul was erased, and with his soul his previous memories. Now the Changed Avatar had no recollection of his past, and a mind and soul filled with questions of their own existence. Eventually, all but the few people with strong enough wills succumbed to the darkness and either became evil individuals, or was transformed into demon like creatures. The fight was very unbalanced, and soon the Changed Avatar realized that he had to help lead the fight against evil, and help bring the world back to what it once was. He soon mastered the powers he gained after the transformation, and was able to control how much of his demon side would show, and was able to summon the dark energy within him and use it in attacks, or to draw the evil out of people whose wills were just strong enough to assist pushing back the darkness. This is what you get when you combine devil may cry, evangelion, macross, shadow man, mellenium, and the price is right. END STORY So Now Im thinking, why the hell not. I mean I''ve seriously considered the idea of putting together a full design doc behind this, but what I really am is an opinion whore, so I''d like to here what you think.
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Maybe I'm dumb, maybe the lack of oxygen has rendered me into a dribbling blob, or maybe I'm just dumb, but I didn't quite understand exactly what you were talking about.

I guess having a setting to your story first would help, alot. I didn't know if this was supposed to be a fantasy story, an alternate reality, or.. something. So I couldn't put a good mental picture of your game together.

Oh, also, to what purpose are good and evil fighting for? Yeah, evil likes to be evil, but for what? Just to be evil? Can't be. And, I didn't quite understand how the control of these avatars would further their ebil purposes.

[edited by - TSwitch on July 8, 2003 12:02:07 AM]

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I like it.

Why would setting matter? Settings are backdrops, usually, and certainly in this case.

In this state he was able to see how the darkness saw everything. It saw everything [in] the human soul [as] a very toxin to its existence.
That what you meant?

Why? Evil can be evil. If evil starts to have a reason for their actions you get into shades of gray. Like in many cartoons I've seen, group X invades the territory of group Y and doing damage in the process but only because group Z is in group X's former territory. X is both a bad guy and a victim. This actually did happen in history. I want to say X was the Germans, Y was the Romans, and Z were the um, Huns? maybe? I forgot. Anyway, evil's a lot easier to fight when you *know* they're evil.

edit: avatars? leader? champion(the guy you call to fight for your side)?

[edited by - RolandofGilead on July 9, 2003 1:40:25 AM]

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Because there was no one marked to be possessed, evil can go around possessing anyone weak-willed? Why did evil bother with the marking stuff in the first place then? "Hey let''s make it virtually impossible for me to do any real damage instead of running rampant through most of mankind". Makes no sense.

Evil was forced to manifest itself physically? Clarification please. Sounds like the issue above, why didn''t it just become physical in the first place? And why are the good guys forcing it into a more dangerous form?

"It saw everything the human soul a very toxin to its existence." Important sentence, bad grammar, care to rephrase?

Changed avatar controls evil side of himself? Sounds fishy, and unlikely. But for the sake of gameplay I suppose you could get away with it. Seems like something that would normally be developed as the game goes on though, and not a given in the backstory. Although one idea would be to have him start in control and gradually lose it instead of the other way around.

I suppose you can also get away with "evil tries to destroy stuff because, hey, it''s evil!". Since most people get away with that...

Lastly, a story is good and all, but if you''re going to put in the effort for a full design doc you should already have an overview of your game ready (Man fights evil is all one can piece together from this).

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