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Ronin Magus

Analyzing profiler results

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I ran my code through a profiler just now. The results I got are pretty interesting, and I''m pleased with them, but I have a concern. I''m using Kyra (SDL sprite engine) and SDL. What I noticed is that MOST (probably 97%) of the time for my function calls were spent in Kyra or SDL functions. I am not worried about that, it''s really the way I want it to be. The first function of mine to even show in the profiler was ParticleEngine::DoLogic(), and it only took 0.6% of the total time of the program run! This is a decent sized project. Minus the kyra stuff, I have 37 total source files, several configuration files (text files,) media graphics files... and the project is only about 60% completed. Probably around 4,500 lines of code so far. My concern is, if there were a bottleneck in my code, how do I find it if my code only takes about 3% of execution time? VC++6''s profiler gives me Function Time, Function Time %, Function + child time, Func+Child Time %, and Hit count. Which is these is most important in finding bottlenecks? Any tips on how to use VC''s profiler? Or even, should I be using another one?

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