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Sphere Mapping on objects

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Hello guys I''ve just started fiddling with Sphere mapping using the different texture parameters that give some really cool effects. What I''m trying to achieve is environment mapping on a cool car object I''ve got. I am using the parameter GL_EYE_LINEAR to set the reflection texture on the car so it gives the illusion of reflection when the car moves. However I want the normal car texture map to be mapped to the car and the reflection map overlayed on the top. I''ve seen it in loads of games like Gran Turismo so I know it''s possible, I''m just wondering how you do it. The way it looks at the moment is it''s just showing up the environment map. Also all the textures in the scene appear to be affected by the environment mapping when I only want one texture (the reflection map on the car) to be effected. Hope someone can help..

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