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Driving AI expecially steering

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Hi, has anyone out there done a racing game? I am just stepping into 3D and figure a racing game would be fun. I have seen the phor series but it is too indepth and I have not taken physics yet. Basicly I am going to cheese the actual physics but make it seem real still(like most older games). Anyway can someone help me with the steering algorithms?. My cars moving aroud ok but the steerings aweful still. I want each car to have two points in a turn. Beyond one point thet enter a controlled slide. Beyond the second point they are out of control and can''t recover. The hard point is using the speed and the angle of the wheels determine where those two points will be. But bassically each car will have two variables for this. Also when turning should I compute a radius point to the side and rotate with that as a pivot? Right now I just rotate the angle and move forward which is working but I was thinking of switching it to see if it would be better. Do cars turn wider if they are going faster? Or is it just because you turn the wheel more. I also need a good way to turn the tires nice depending on the speed. Since the input is keyboard or gamepad the steerings not analog. I''m open to any idea''s and will be grateful for any solutions.

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Andre LaMothe covered this in his Black Art Of 3d Game Programming book. You basically set up a bunch of virtual points on your track. Whenever there is a turn or something. And you simply steer the car towards which ever point it is closest to and is facing. I''ll try to find the demo and mail it to you.

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Matt, you''ve stunned me again ;-)

I love the new screenshots, and i''m just about to try that little car control demo you made.

I''ve got a question or two for you...

Where did you get started in 3D programming? I''m thoroughly experienced with 2D and would like to start toying around with 3D a bit while i''m in production of my upcoming 2D game. What API do you use for Joy Rider? What size are your textures that you use in your game world?

I know this prolly isn''t the place to be asking, cause this isn''t exactly about that, but just thought i''d ask ;-)


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Ask away....

I reckon I wrote my first game about 15 years ago on an Atari 800XL. Over a few years I got close to commercial quality but it was a lost cause by then with the advent of the ST and the Amiga. I didn''t get on with amiga assembly at all, so I just spent a couple of years playing with AMOS (programming system) and art packages.

I eventually got into PC programming around 1995, I wrote coded a CAD program for my final uni project using the horrid Borland graphics lib. I was already using CAD and programming multi-axis CNC machines so my appreciation for 3d was already there, especially coordinate systems and stuff.

I managed to write my own software, floating point renderer around 95/96, implementing some algorithms that I''d discovered myself I was never able to build upon that earlier start due to a couple of career changes, getting married and starting a family.

I got back into programming around six months ago and I''m having a great time. I didn''t have any internet access in 1995 and it has made all the difference, believe me!

I''ve still got a lot to learn when it comes to 3d math, like quaternion rotations and stuff, but now I''m in at the deep end with my project it''s only a matter of time before all those pieces fall into place.

To answer your questions:


Various. We''ve used a lot of 256x256 textures so far, if it becomes a problem we''ll scale them down. If my game is finished in 12 months time and requires 32 meg of video memory - who cares?



Check out my project

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