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Strange problem in Direct3D Retained Mode

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I get crazy! In D3DRM I´m trying get textures on some objects, but here is a VERY strange thing! I must do one extra AddGroup() call after I have created all the objects, else the texture will not show up! And this is only neccesary in Direct3D HAL, not in RGB Emulation! It´s driving me crazy!

void Direct3D::CreateRMCubes()
   unsigned vertorder[] = { 0,1,3,2,  4,5,7,6,  8,9,11,10,  
		12,13,15,14,  16,17,19,18,  20,21,23,22 };

   // Copy vertex to vertexlist

   D3DRMVERTEX vertexlist[24];
   memset(vertexlist, sizeof(D3DRMVERTEX)*24, 0);
   for(int i=0; i<24; i++)
   memcpy(&vertexlist<i>, g_App.m_Vertices.fVertex+(i*8), sizeof(float)*8);
   // Load texture

   if(m_pD3DRM->LoadTexture(g_App.m_chBmpName, &texture) != D3DRM_OK)
      SHOW("Failed to load texture");

   // create cube mesh


   if(lpCubeMesh->AddGroup( 24, 6, 4, vertorder, &group ) != D3DRM_OK)
      SHOW("Failed to add group");

   if(lpCubeMesh->SetVertices( group, 0, 24, vertexlist) != D3DRM_OK)
      SHOW("Failed to SetVertices");

   if(lpCubeMesh->SetGroupTexture(group, (LPDIRECT3DRMTEXTURE) texture) != D3DRM_OK)
      SHOW("Failed to set group texture");

   // create cube frames

   m_pCube = new LPDIRECT3DRMFRAME3[g_App.m_usCubes];
   for(i=0; i<g_App.m_usCubes; i++)
      m_pD3DRM->CreateFrame(m_pScene, &m_pCube<i>);

   for(int h=0; h<g_App.m_usCubes; h++)
      // Improves render speed


      // Improves texture mapping

         SHOW("Failed to set group mapping");
      // Add mesh to cube

      m_pCube[h]->AddVisual( (LPDIRECT3DRMVISUAL)  lpCubeMesh );	

   /* HERE IS THE FOX! Is this really neccesary? 
    If I un-comment this everything is fine and the textures shows up! */ 

   //	m_DeviceMode.m_iCurrentDevice].strDesc, "Direct3D HAL") == 0)
   //lpCubeMesh->AddGroup( 24, 6, 4, vertorder, &group );

   // release objects.

   if(lpCubeMesh) {lpCubeMesh->Release(); lpCubeMesh=0;}
   if(texture) {texture->Release(); texture = NULL;}

Thanks for reading. Edited by - Gandalf on 6/21/00 7:32:51 AM Edited by - Gandalf on 6/21/00 7:33:43 AM Edited by - Gandalf on 6/21/00 7:34:25 AM Edited by - Gandalf on 6/21/00 7:34:59 AM Edited by - Gandalf on 6/21/00 7:35:26 AM Edited by - Gandalf on 6/21/00 7:36:01 AM Edited by - Gandalf on 6/21/00 7:36:49 AM

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What the is wrong with this setup process?

1. Building up the vertex structure.
2. Loading a texture.
3. Creating a group with 24 vertex, 6 sides and 4 vertex per side.
4. Set vertex position.
5. Set texture to the group.
6. Creating 90 frames.
7. Add mesh to every frame.

(se details above)

Edited by - Gandalf on June 21, 2000 9:51:53 AM

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May I make a suggestion? Switch to IM. You could do D3DX and it would be a lot better since it will be supported in the future. I wish I could help you, but I didn''t really study RM. Not many people here know how to use RM so it would be hard to ask for help.

Captured Reality

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I think the problem is my 3D card (RIVA TNT PCI). I have tried almost everything now.

Any suggestions?

Gandalf the White

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