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Scrammbled Effect

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Background: A am working on a space fighter type game with a menu screen for ship selection. Problem: What I want to do is show the ships at the bottom of the screen and when the mouse isn''t over them, I want to have it look like its displayed on a scrammbled screen but so you can still see the ship sort of. And when the mouse is over it, the scrambled effect will disappear. What I was thinking about doing was putting like 50 random black pixels and 50 white pixels on top of the ship and have them generate new random numbers every few frames or so so its not really really flashy. I don''t think that this is the best approach to do this and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for me. I have been programming for about 7 years now but I have never done anything with graphics. Yes I know its sad but up until a year and a half ago, all I had was a 386 with a 40 meg hard drive and no ram ( besides the 640k ). I am just diving into graphics now and I am getting there. I am learning OpenGL right now from Nehe''s site ( amazing btw ) and am finding it very easy so I think I will be all right so don''t worry about complicated methods, I can follow ya. Thanks Shawn ( aka Spanky )

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I not sure about scramble (i don''t understand at all). But if the effect is the next :

XXXXXXX x x x x

You can use many images (2 or more) with the efect pre-created. Or you can put a black mask with the effect also pre-created. It is very fast and if you use a black mask (2bit), you cannot lose much memory.


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I don''t know, if it is the same what eng3d means.
But you can use some Images, which only show disturbance, like an small animation from a Dead TV-Channel, and then put them onto an Texture.
Now you create an rectangle, with that Texture on it, and Alphablend it over the Image. If you keep the Texture small, it would be very fast. Best is to make one large Texture, and put the animazion Images onto different positions, and then change the Texture Coordinates of the rectangle.
You can also flip the Coordinates to get more Frames if you need to.


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