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A. Buza

Difference between samples and instruments

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In terms of tracked music formats (.mod, .xm, .it, etc), whats the difference between an instrument and a sample? Does this difference have any importance from the perspective of one who is coding a .mod/.whatever player/loader? Also, if anyone knows of a place where I can get info on tracked music formats/coding stuff other than the file format specs at wotsit''s, lay em on me, please

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The dif between instruments and samples:
Instruments (XM uses .xi [stands for extended instrument] )
have the bebefit that you can use many samples in one instrument, it''s called multisampled instrument. like, you can sample every second key of a piano and lay the samples out over the keyboard....one new sample on every second key on the keyboard. You can multisample whatever you want, even, like, a drumset, synthpads etc.

Samples on the other hand, is just a *sample*. One sample. If the sample was sampled in C and you play it in E, the ssample will not only be played at a higher pitch, but also faster. so it gets shorter and shorter the higher you play it, at the same time as the pitch gets higher and higher.

The old .mod only used samples. the "new" (not very new anymore) .XM and .IT format can use both samples and instruments.

So, allways use INSTRUMENTS if you plan on making/using module music.

Hope i made some things clearer for you, hehe

Good luck!

/ Marcus Knudsen /MDM

Game music composer



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