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If you want to do quakestyle games I think C++ is the way to go. It''s more modern than C and it''s more comparable with java.

However, getting started in C++ is hard so perhaps you should start with Java just to get something going for kicks. Tetris clones and other similar games is absolutely no problem in Java, and in fact Java is a more beutiful language to code in syntax-wise, C++ is just harder to make nice looking code in but it''s speedier.

If you''re programming hardware acceleration in java on the win32 platform you can throw away platform independence because you want sound etc and that is really hard to get working on many platforms.

Don''t take me wrong, I''m a pro C++ programmer, but have been programming Java (among others) too, and I really like the syntax, but personally, I would rather code applications and servers etc in java than kick ass games.

Just my view of it anyway, don''t trust me if you don''t like... :-)


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