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I´m soooo depressed.....or maybe not but man this progrblem is giving me headaches. After I pass my IDirect3DDevice9 object to my mesh handling class I get an error every time i try to use it outside the class when setting a new texture. I tried putting everything into one big class and then it worked fine, but that code was kinda hard to maintain. Here´s the code for loading my mesh.
bool CPlayer::LoadTankMesh(IDirect3DDevice9 *p_D3DDev9, char* cTankTexture)


		&p_D3DXMtrlBuffer,NULL, &lNumMtrls, &p_D3DXMesh)))
		MessageBox(NULL, "Failed to load mesh (tank)", "Error", MB_OK);
		return false;

	D3DXMATERIAL *p_D3DXMaterialBufferPtr = (D3DXMATERIAL*)p_D3DXMtrlBuffer->GetBufferPointer();

	p_D3DMaterials = new D3DMATERIAL9[lNumMtrls];
	p_D3DTextures  = new LPDIRECT3DTEXTURE9[lNumMtrls];

	for(unsigned long i = 0; i < lNumMtrls;i++)
		p_D3DMaterials[i] = p_D3DXMaterialBufferPtr[i].MatD3D;
		p_D3DMaterials[i].Ambient = p_D3DMaterials[i].Diffuse;

			MessageBox(NULL, "Failed to load texture subset (tank)", "Error",MB_OK);
			return 0;


	return true;
The error that I get is an unhandled exception in D3D9.DLL (acces violation).
Bad Monkey Productions

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Muhammad Haggag

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