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The Legal World....

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Since intellectual property is defined as something that is an idea or design, then it is considered something material to the owner. Unfortunally, if another person creates something similiar as another person.. then that would actually violate their intellectual property rights. If you ever played 8bit nintendo games before you would know that some games are built very similar and they are actually violating another companie's intellectual property rights.. so in the real world everyone suing for intellectual property violations are contradicting themselves. It is like saying that Jasc's Paint Shop Pro is very similar to Microsoft Paint because it plots pixels on the screen.. so should Microsoft or Jasc sue each other because of intellectual right violations? This is the same thing that Hasbro is doing because they have the man power and the money to back them up.. they are trying to get away with this. Hasbro is going to be the mafia of the video game industry unless someone stops them. Sorry its early in the morning and I did not check my spelling. Edited by - GoofProg on 6/22/00 9:16:53 AM

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