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question on my timer code...

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Ok i know there are some other posts about this type of stuff i just want to know why my code isnt working because it looks to me like it should yet it just shows me getting like a max of 72fps when i should be getting alot more since im not doing anything just making the window lol here is my class im using...all im using it for so far is to get the fps...
class Ctimer
	__int64 _startTime;
	__int64 _frequency;

	short	_fps;
	short	_frames;

	Ctimer() {}
	~Ctimer() {}

	void init();
	void update();

	inline short getFPS() { return _fps; }

void Ctimer::init()

void Ctimer::update()

	static __int64 lastTime =_startTime;

	if(currTime.QuadPart-lastTime >= _frequency)
		lastTime = currTime.QuadPart;

[edited by - AbsentMinded on July 26, 2003 8:00:20 AM]

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I''m not sure what kind of program you are creating, I''m assuming a game but the best thing you can do is control vsynch at the startup of your program, and leave the windows setting alone. In OpenGL this is done with the WGL_EXT_swap_control extension.

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