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Tools to convert face animation

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What 3d modelling tools do you usually use to make face animation ? I''m using MAX and character studio to convert my model to X file, but character studio doesn''t provide the bones system for face animation and it seems that character studio is the only way for the exporter. So can somebody tell me what should I use ? Is it hard to write your own exporter ?

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I don''t speak french very well, so I''m not sure to understand really your question, but I can tell you that I use the program conv3ds. And with it, I can, with a .max, do a .x ! So after I can do a "picture" in 3DStudio, and do a .x with the prog for use it in my VB program !

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Original post by AnTiTrUsT-VB
I don''t speak french very well,

From: France

LOL amusing slip there .

Yup, conv3ds or the exporter provided in the SDK extras should be fine for exporting to .X

Two usual ways of doing faces:

- Morph targets (the vertices are animated individually).
- Bones/weights.

Some people do a combination of the two.

You can get some 3rd party plugins for 3DS Max that handle facial animation and even stuff like lip syncing and motion capture.

The lead animator at Creative Asylum (R.I.P) used to construct his own bone systems for facial animation AND do morph targets for the parts that were a pain to model without using 1000s of bones (usually things like eyelids).

Simon O''Connor
ex -Creative Asylum
Programmer &
Microsoft MVP

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