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Windows passes all of its ret vals in eax, unless the API ref explicitly states otherwise (i.e. when it updates a buffer you passed the address of, for instance imagehlp!CreateCheckSum() )

So? The windows API has nothing to do with what they were talking about.

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Original post by joanusdmentia
Crackers crack software protection, which if anything is the opposite of what you just accused them of doing.

I think you are confusing the terms. Hackers break into systems but destroy nothing. Crackers on the other hand do break into systems with the intent of breaking it. They do not only break copy protections. That is an unfortunate misconception.

As for the other issues, do a google, search hackers sites and look after methods of injecting code before windows starts. Look for ways to achieve Ring 0 (there are articles about that too, typically device driver methods) in windows including XP. There are many ways to take complete and utter control of the PC. You can find this information if you put a little effort into it. I have given you plenty of hints by now but do not get back on me if you have to reinstall your comp after crashing it,
tampering with windows core is something not done lightly.

Try RealityRift at
Feel free to comment, object, laugh at or agree to this. I won''t engage in flaming because of what I have said.
I could be wrong or right but the ideas are mine.

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