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All these interpies

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GLBasic and any other "scripting language" that does not compile into binary data will always have serious performance hits. This is why C/C++, Delphi/Kylix and ASM is far superior in almost every way. Binary data needs no runtime to execute, so memory consumption is reduced. It requires no text or byte-code interpretation during execution-time, so execution speed is quadrupled. The mere fact that it does not have to load an interpreter will often increase a programs execution by 10 times. I see more and more scripting languages coming about. Tons! I have an idea: why don''t hardware manufacturers agree on a platform to use and call it done. Software loses the battle when it comes to writing in scripting languages (that were likely developed to bridge architectural gaps) because it cannot utilize the full potential of the CPU and the overhead is tremendous. Thanks to a certain co-worker''s 1 1/2 years of enlightenment, I have even decided C, C++, Delphi & Kylix are even better WWW CGI scripting languages, especially on servers with high volume.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
GLBasic from [url=www.GLBasic.com]GLBasic.com[/url] _does_ compile into an executable.
It''s awesomely fast.

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