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reusable stuff in VC++

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instead of "stuff i wanted to use "templates," but i figured that someone might think i meant c++ templates, but anyway i was fiddling around with HTML the other day and the program i was using had the ability to reuse a base file that would already have your basic site lay-out, then you just need to fill in the stuff thats sets this page apart. i wanted to know if VC++ had a option like this, lets say that you would have a template file that would have all the #includes and other initializing already there, and you just rite the code for that file with out having to type 80 #includes another idea was that if every time to start a project there would be files already in your project, this would save from adding the same directX library over and over again. i didn''t see this there but i would like to know if it is possible?

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