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try my pool game?

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Just a couple of things that I noticed. Heres could be a couple of improvements.

1) Clamp the mouse to the middle of the window. Or just have the cursor wrap the window.

2) Some balls don''t stop spinning?

3) Add a power gauge. The ball gets hit at the same speed every time.

4) Slow down the arrow keys. I just pressed the left arrow key and the table spun around a couple of times. Maybe make it slower with time based movement, so it''s the same speed on everyones computer?

Other than that it seems to be getting there.


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Thanks for the advice! I don''t really know how to clamp the mouse to the window - any ideas? Is it just a case of SetCursorPos(..)? each time it moves?

Yep. I''ll have to make the movements time themselves in milliseconds. It works at the correct speed on a 500MHz computer.
(I forgot about the arrows, you don''t really need them though)

I''ll put a power guage on, that would be good.

The spinning ball problem is associated with the gravity - I might just turn that off as jumping cue-balls can be irritating.

Anyway, it''s OK for a couple of days programming isn''t it?

Maybe if I make it better I can give it to a shareware collection - does anyone know if people can make any money that way?

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