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Texture layers...

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While playing several game,like Trainz and some other(probably even Warcraft III) I`ve seen this texture layer effect(seen in the picture): The only way I see this is to make some particles(with Alpha Map) with different textures..but that doesn`t seem to be the case here...actually Warcraft III has some better stuff , there are different textures at pixel level , with out making other polys(or theyre masterfully made). Another game that I saw that is Rally Sport Challenge . Actiually what I want to know is how do you make a pass texture or half blend`s like having 2 landscapes each with a different texture .. and when you get them closer they edges start blending so when you cross from one to another the "bridge" is not "direct"`s blended(half part Texture 1 half part Texture 2),offcourse that might be solved by making the 3 texture out of the first 2 but might not prove usefull... and in this case how do you blend them ? make youre own program to do so and then write a TGA ?

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