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Optimising low-detail meshes

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Howdy, I have a whole bunch of very low detail models (grass, trees, rocks, flowers, etc.) and I''m trying to find the fastest way to render them en masse. The problem is that I am in a cyclic logic loop. 1) Low polygon models allow me to render more objects, so the lower the detail the better. I have trees in 20 polygons, flowers in two, etc. 2) You have to keep your calls to drawprimative to a minimum, trying to batch ~2000 polygons in a call. I assume that the drawsubset command is equivalent to the drawprimative, so if I have 200 flowers (of 2 polys each), I''ve got effectively 200 draw primatives, but only 400 polys... a very bad ratio. 3) If I try to merge all of the scenery objects into a single VB, I use up more memory which is bad, plus I have to transform every vertex and recreate the VB every time an object moves. Anyone have any ideas? It would be great if I could somehow merge all of the low-detail objects in a frame and send them as a single draw command, but there doesn''t seem to be a way to do this without chewing up processor and memory speeds.

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