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Model polygons?

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Hello! Lately I have been learning Direct3D. My main goal is to start a gameproject soon. But before I start that I want to make some models for it, since i feel its much more fun working with nice graphics than working with temporary ones... Anyway, my question is how many polygons each of my objects may have if I want to have maximumly 30 objects on the screen at the same time? I would want this to be running smooth on lets say a 1ghz, 128mb ram and a GeForce 2. Currently my model, which is supposed to be the main character in the game, has about 700 polygons. Is it realistic having 21000 polygons on the screen at the same time? (well, now of course not all of the 700 polygons will be visible all at once... but lets just assume they would be...) Thx! [edited by - bilsa on July 28, 2003 2:44:16 PM]

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I get about 18k/s fully textured polygons onscreen on a 450mhz with a TnT. Shouldnt be a problem if you are not using other graphical effects like blending, per pixel lighting, shadows, multitexturing, etc..

For example, in Doom3, removing the shadows option reduces render time of a frame by half. So it all depends on how much work the gpu has to do for each polygon.

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