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OpenML SDK release

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uhm.. dunno yet..

once i can really see something, i can deside if i''m excited..

till now i only followed closed discussions and specs, not vievable by the community.. that about OpenML :D

"take a look around" - limp bizkit

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it SOUNDS reallly really awesome, and i would be really happy if it actually was made ..

but the one app i found that could use it (jahshaka) didnt play video files, or capture from my video card/webcam or do anythign i would want it to do..

the other questions is, is it just going to end up being a directX wrapper for windows? also, how are they going to deal with hardware acceleration between openML and openGL , (youknow, like radeons allinonewonder-renderlessVMR)..

anyway, so many issues, i think we might just have to wait-and-see for a really long time..

also, that download liscence seems really badass...
what do you guys think of that?

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