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i820 SysBoards with SDRAM are ok?

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Ive heard the intel 820 chipset is fine with RDRAM, but with the 820 boards with SDRAM I have been told there is a problem due to the rush of implementing SDRAM onto these boards, and there was a callback of these boards due to the problem they have. Im not sure of the problem, but has this problem been reclified? Or should I resort to the 440BX chipset. The CPU is a P3/600.

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I bought the P3C2000 Motherboard. It''s got the i820 chipset. From what I can see it has *no* problems. Of course I haven''t used everything on it... :-) (It supports any PIII cpu and most ram) I also don''t have any of the onboard equipment options, I wanted all my stuff to be cards. I''ve had no problem with it at all and I''m currently running a PIII 533Mhz chip w/ 128 Mb of ram. I''m trying to think of the type of ram in there, but it''s not coming to me... It is the newer type, it long(longer than 72pin), Is it PC100? or PC133? Does that sound right?
Anyhow, it seems fine, I think I installed one patch for the 4x AGP support and never bothered with it again... still working no errors...

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Well, cyberben, I''m sorry to say this, but the P3C-2000 production has been discontinued due to an error in Intel''s MTH (Memory Translation Hub).
This shouldn''t cause any trouble, though, according to ASUS, so there''s no need to return your motherboard.

Read the full story at


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