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Jesse Chounard

3d engine of choice?

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I''ve been working lately on a CRPG-like game (more of an action-adventure with stat modifications) with an overhead tile engine. I''ve decided that I''d like to switch to a 3d camera (similar to Vampire or NWN, but more overhead like Diablo or Baldur''s Gate), and so I need to find a 3d engine. I''m moderately experienced in 3d, but at this point I don''t want to endeavor to write my own engine. So, does anybody have any suggestions? Jesse Chounard

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It depends on whether you have a budget or not - I assume you don''t or you wouldn''t be here so...

A free open source engine. About par with Half Life for quality.

Check out the Game Driver beta - this is the next incarnation of Genesis3D - it is not open source, but it is free. (you''ll have to use the API provided and won''t be able to modify the underlying engine)

Um... there are others - Crystal Space, Morfit, ... hrm. That''s all I can think of. Check the resource links here on for some links to 3d engines.


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