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Looking for Editors (Scene, object, lightmap, et al)

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All, I''m working on a project in OpenGL. I have an engine in the works and I''ve gotten to the phase where I want to add a set of tools to the project. I''m using some lower cost tools: Blender, AC3D, and some professional tools: Adobe, Correl, etc. I''m at the point where I need to make some tools that are custom oriented to my engine (i.e. they use the engine for I/O and produce files which are readable by the engine''s loaders). I''ve got some ideas on tools I''d like to have, but I know there are tons of tools out there (many custom). I''m looking for inspiration from the work others have done. If you know of any tools in the following categories: Model editors, animation editors, lightmap editors, texture editors, ''Scene'' editors, ''World'' editors, and any other editors you might think of. Executables, screenshots, source code, all are welcome. Creating new tools is a massive undertaking and the ability to leverage examples is very helpful. For those who are interrested, the engine is in its early alpha stages, my partner and I will eventually post it on the engine sites (not sure on full source disclosure or libs at this point). The goal is open source, but the question is how long to hold on to control of its direction. Thanks to all takers!

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