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Animation XFiles CD3DMesh

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Is it possible to use a CD3DMesh (Standard .Xfile loading)code located in d3dfile.h & .cpp,from the D3DFramework,and use the animations from the .xFile? Before anyone mentions buying Jim Adam''s Animation book,i already have it.And have implemented stuff from his book,with my code,though using his extensions of D3DXFRAME and D3DXMESHCONTAINER my ShadowVolume code no longer works. So iv''e basiclly had to go back to my old code. So is it possible to animate with the standard Xfile code(not the tiny x code example)either by extending the standard .xfile code(CFrame?) an example would be,my_pObject->Create(m_pd3dDevice,("mymodel.x") etc,instead of the LoadMesh(&my_Mesh,m_pd3dDevice,"mymodel.x"); and my_pObject->Render(m_pd3dDevice); instead of DrawMesh(my_Mesh); Maybe there''s an easy solution to this(Please tell me if you know of one)because i cannot get any of these techniques from the book working with my shadowing code(or found it too confusing). I know that Tweening animation is heavy on memory,but i am thinking of trying it as the animated Skinned mesh example from the sdk,i found too confusing also. Is there a quick way to try "Tweening" or rather does anybody know where i can download a tweening animation character model(not the dolphin in the sdk sample)for testing?? Cheers.

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